About Me.

Wife, Mother, Pastor, Sister, Confidant & friend

Hey there, I’m Tiara!

Wife, mother, pastor, sister, confidant and friend are just a few of the words that describe Tiara Curry who is the co-founder and pastor of Life Changers Church International in Cincinnati, OH.
Born and raised in Detroit, MI, even as a little girl, Tiara has always had a heart for helping people. She is passionate about mentoring and discipling women, helping them to move from where they are to where God has called them to be. Using examples from her own life, she encourages, inspires and empowers women to have a sense of self-awareness, to find their purpose and to operate therein.
Tiara finds joy in serving alongside her husband Warren in ministry. They have been married for 20 years and are the proud parents of six children.
In her leisure time, Tiara enjoys gardening, reading, traveling, spending time with her family and drinking tea.

Shine: Hidden No More

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